The focus of curriculum at Tate’s School is brain-compatible learning. We are interested in developing students of strong moral character who are reflective thinkers and enthusiastic learners. Throughout the past 25 years the Highly Effective Teaching, or HET model (, has been implemented in thousands of schools across America, Europe, and Asia and is the instructional model in practice at Tate’s School. Combined with the most current research in brain compatible learning, this dual approach to curriculum vigorously challenges students through multiple instructional techniques and strong character development. The more we know about how the brain learns, the better we succeed in crafting our curriculum and instructional strategies giving your child the best tools available to enhance his or her learning experience.

In creating curriculum, we consider the five learning principles as outlined in the HET model:

  • INTELLIGENCE is a function of experience
    • Provide many real-life hands-on experiences
    • Field studies
  • Learning is an inseparable partnership between BRAIN and BODY.
    • Emotion is the gatekeeper to learning and performance
    • Movement enhances learning
  • There are MULTIPLE INTELLIGENCES ( or different ways for solving problems and producing products
    • Logical – mathematical
    • Linguistic
    • Spatial
    • Bodily – kinesthetic
    • Musical
    • Intrapersonal
    • Interpersonal
    • Naturalist
  • Photo of children conducting science experiment.Learning is a TWO-STEP PROCESS:
    • Realizing the brain is a pattern seeking device
    • Using conceptual ideas and patterns to promote long-term memory and mastery
  • PERSONALITY impacts learning and performance

Our curriculum is designed using the best practices in education in concert with brain compatible learning. This ensures that your child will get the most value out of his or her educational experience.

For more information on our curriculum, please email the school.