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Where to Start

Choosing a school for your child is a very important decision.  At Tate’s, our desire is to make that process as easy as possible.  To that end, we encourage all interested parents to schedule a campus tour to experience firsthand our teachers' compassion, our active and happy students, and our warm, natural setting.  Contact us by phone (865) 693-3021 or use the form below to schedule your tour today!

The Enrollment Process

The steps to be followed to apply for admissions to Tate's School are outlined in our Enrollment Process form.

Tate's School will acknowledge receipt of your enrollment information and inform you of openings. Your child's application will be reviewed by the Tate's Admission Committee. Selections will be based on overall development, emotional maturity, academics, age, class size, and boy to girl ratios.

If your application is selected and no openings exist, then your child's file will be placed in the Applicant Pool. As openings occur, your file will be reviewed for placement.

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