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Alumni Spotlight: Anne Allen

June 18, 2017
By Brenda Seagraves

Tate's School Alum Anne Allen recently graduated from the University of Michigan as the third Dr. Allen in her immediate family. She will be completing her residency in dermatology at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor and then she plans to complete a 1-year fellowship in dermatopathology. She hopes to eventually move back to Knoxville to practice as a general dermatologist and dermatopathologist. 

Anne not only knows a lot about medicine, but she is an accomplished cook! Before medical school, she studied classic French cooking at the New England Culinary Institute in Vermont and worked as a line chef on a dude ranch in Colorado.

Anne says she has SO MANY great memories of Tate’s: playing hide and seek in the  Christmas trees, dressing as Jackie Kennedy on President’s Day, winning the Halloween contest as a Chinese takeout box, dissecting pigs in science class and dropping eggs off the Big Toy as part of a science experiment.

Anne is pictured with her mother and father: Drs. Debbie and Tony Allen.

Anne, Tate’s School is so proud of you and your accomplishments!

Summer Learning Tip: Selena Alexander

June 07, 2017
By Tate's School

by Selena Alexander, Pre-K

Keeping your child on track during Summer Break does not have to be a burden on your fun-packed schedule! There are many practical, convenient, and affordable ways to promote growth from home (or the pool, the boat, vacation, etc.)! By using what you have, engaging your surroundings, and keeping it fun, you can provide many opportunities for your child to learn.

Use What You Have

You don’t have to dish out a fortune on manipulatives, educational apps, and workbooks. Think about items that you have around the house/yard: loose buttons, sidewalk chalk, rocks, sticks, and toys. Legos are a great hands-on activity that can build (no pun intended) on their sorting, counting, addition, and subtraction foundation. Make a game out of it by using Lego Challenge Cards. Keep score, involve siblings, and provide incentive! Your child will be having so much fun; they will not even realize they are learning! You can download the Challenge Cards by clicking here.

Engage Your Surroundings

Whether you’re at the beach or the pool, there are plenty of ways to initiate learning play with your child. Practice writing letters/numbers in the sand. Not only will they be putting their handwriting to practice, but they will also be strengthening fine motor skills. Play alphabet I-Spy while driving to your next destination. Create pool games that will combine building your child’s swimming ability/confidence with reading by writing CVC or sight words on sponges and tossing them for your child to retrieve and read!

Keep It Fun

Chores, bedtime, and bath time do not stop when school does! Lighten the mood by giving subtle objectives that stimulate the mind and the fun. Create a “Chore Clock” to teach telling time and promote responsibility. Take the reading sponges that you made for pool games to bath time. You can even create number sponges! Let your child read you the bedtime story-even if it’s not even close to what the book actually says. Letting them mimic the way they see you read, using their imaginations to create a story for the pictures, and practicing inflection and tone are all building their essential pre-reading skills as well as promoting a love for reading.

Have a wonderful and safe summer!

Alumni Spotlight: Melanie Painter

April 30, 2017
By Brenda Seagraves

Tate’s congratulates Melanie Painter on receiving a full scholarship and stipend to medical school and graduate school! 

Melanie will be pursuing both a M.D. and a Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering through Houston Methodist Research Institute and Texas A&M. She has been a student at the University of Alabama for her undergraduate studies.

Tate's School Alum Jodi Geschickter Featured by ESPN

February 27, 2017
By Tate's School

Tate's School alum Jodi Geschickter was recently featured by The daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Tate, Jodi and her husband Tad partnered with five-time NBA All-Star Brad Daugherty and had two cars in Sunday's Daytona 500. Jodi is the only active female team owner in the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series. 

Read more about the team and about Jodi by clicking here.

Alumni Spotlight: Scout McLerran

February 22, 2017
By Brenda Seagraves

Scout McLerran earned volleyball honors as a freshman playing for the Buffalo Bills in Buffalo, NY.  Scout was named to the All-Freshman Team in the All-Mac league.  She finished the year with one of the best years ever by a Buffalo setter. 

In one game, Scout had 53 assists and 22 digs – this was the first time any UB player had done that since 1999.  More impressive is the fact that she is the only UB player to do it in the current 25 point scoring format, which was instituted in 2008.

Congratulations Scout! 

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