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Alumni Spotlight: Connor Kelly

March 02, 2018
By Brenda Seagraves

Tate's School would like to recognize former student, Connor Kelly for his recent accomplishment!

An avid guitar player, Connor recently released a new track called “Things to Lose.”  The tastefully bluesy track shows off Connor’s textured and subtly soulful voice.

The track has only been out for a few weeks and has already racked up ten of thousands of plays on Spotify.

Connor is in tenth grade at Webb School.  We recall his performances in our musicals at Tate’s with fondness. Connor exemplified a musical talent beyond his years.

Congratulations, Connor!  We look forward to hearing more from this talented young man!

Alumni Spotlight: Tate Naylor

October 18, 2017
By Brenda Seagraves

Tate's School would like to congratulate alumni Tate Naylor who graduated from The University of Tennessee's Health Science Center medical school in May! 

Tate graduated to Furman University before attending medical school. He is staying in Memphis for a year of research/clinical work before applying to a residency program.

Tate is shown with his parents Doctors Bernie and Paul Naylor of Knoxville.

Congratulations, Tate, on your accomplishments!

Alumni Spotlight: Faith Lindsay

July 16, 2017
By Brenda Seagraves

Congratulations to Faith Lindsay, who recently graduated from ETSU Quillen College of Medicine and will be starting Internal Medicine and Pediatric residencies, respectively, in Chattanooga, TN. 

Faith graduated from Butler University with a degree in Biology and a minor in Chemistry and Spanish. She then took a year off before medical school. During that ‘gap’ year she worked in a hospital and was an au pair for two children in Spain.

Faith is the daughter of Dr. William and Mrs. Dawn Lindsay. She is shown with her father who participated in her graduation ceremony.

Faith’s blog is an entertaining recall of some of her favorite Tate’s memories:

"One of my favorite memories was dissecting a cow’s eyeball during Mrs. LeRoy’s science class. I remember staring at it, amazed at the size of it. It was so squishy and huge and I thought how great a cow’s eyesight must be with eyes that big. In 5th grade we had the opportunity to dissect an entire pig. It was Valentine’s Day and my grand idea was to bring the pig’s heart home in a zip lock bag and give it to my Dad since he was a Cardiologist. As I was lying in bed that night the formaldehyde fumes started to waft through my room, so I woke up my parents and told them I had to give my Dad an early Valentine’s present. He was such a proud parent. He pointed out the chambers and vessels of the heart and we promptly threw it away.

It was during our 5th grade trip to Williamsburg and Bush Gardens that I overcame my fear of roller coasters. I still have a “Fear the Four” beach towel to commemorate my achievement.

I loved computer class with Mrs. Preston and to this day I still remember her mantras: save early and save often –Apple S, Apple Q.

I felt important when I could walk down through a path in the woods to meet my Mom and sister at the kindergarten classroom. 

Such great memories of my elementary school years!!!!"

Again, congrats to Faith!

Summer Learning Tip: Trish Irish

July 16, 2017
By Tate's School

by Trish Irish, Pre-K

We are very fortunate to be within an hour and half drive from several great educational fun spots that are sure to make a memorable summer, especially for your preschooler.

Just head south on I-75 toward Athens and Sweetwater, Tennessee to visit . . .

  • Mayfield Dairy Farm in Athens, TN and see how your favorite dairy products are made and take an Ice Cream Factory tour.
  • Sweetwater Valley Farm in Philadelphia, TN and take a tour of the farm.  Visit The Udder Story and milk a very realistic cow.  Don’t forget to stop by the shop to sample many different kinds of cheeses.
  • The Lost Sea in Craighead Caverns in Sweetwater, TN to see the largest underground lake in the United States from a glass bottom boat.  If you are an adventurous spelunker, you might want to investigate taking a Wild Tour!

You can also head north, east, and west to find similar unique spots that will leave a lasting impression on children of any age!  The teachers and staff at Tate’s look forward to hearing about your many summer adventures!

Alumni Spotlight: Anne Allen

June 18, 2017
By Brenda Seagraves

Tate's School Alum Anne Allen recently graduated from the University of Michigan as the third Dr. Allen in her immediate family. She will be completing her residency in dermatology at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor and then she plans to complete a 1-year fellowship in dermatopathology. She hopes to eventually move back to Knoxville to practice as a general dermatologist and dermatopathologist. 

Anne not only knows a lot about medicine, but she is an accomplished cook! Before medical school, she studied classic French cooking at the New England Culinary Institute in Vermont and worked as a line chef on a dude ranch in Colorado.

Anne says she has SO MANY great memories of Tate’s: playing hide and seek in the  Christmas trees, dressing as Jackie Kennedy on President’s Day, winning the Halloween contest as a Chinese takeout box, dissecting pigs in science class and dropping eggs off the Big Toy as part of a science experiment.

Anne is pictured with her mother and father: Drs. Debbie and Tony Allen.

Anne, Tate’s School is so proud of you and your accomplishments!

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