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Halloween Spirit Contest Results

October 21, 2014
By Tate's School

In celebration of Halloween, Tate’s held a spirit competition that involved a pumpkin contest for the Preschool, TK, and Kindergarten and a scarecrow making contest for the 1st thru 5th graders.  The judges had a difficult time choosing among the creative entries, and the results are in.

For the Greenhouse pumpkin contest, awards go to:

Mrs. Tracy’s class for “Most Traditional Halloween” – best creation of a Halloween character. (The Witch)

Mrs. Sarah’s class for “LOL!” – Most humorous. (Olaf)

Mrs. Becky’s class for “Tickled Pink” – Most colorful. (Spiderman)

Mrs. Teri’s class for “Fancy That!” – Most whimsical. (Caramel apple)

Mrs. Jane’s class for “That’s a Pumpkin?” – Most original idea. (Robot)

Mrs. Riner’s class for “One of a Kind” – Best use of materials. (Tate’s touches the world)

Mrs. Spradlin’s class for “Super Spooky” – Most scary. (Pig)

All entries were terrific, and Mrs. Spradlin’s class with their “super spooky pig” was the overall spirit stick winner.

For the Primary Grades, awards go to:

1st grade for “You Keep Me In Stitches” – Funniest scarecrow.

2nd grade for “A Crow’s Best Friend” – The nicest, friendliest, anti-scary scarecrow.

“A Crow’s Best Friend”

3rd grade won the “Best Overall” scarecrow award for their rendition of “The Big Bad Wolf and the Three Little Pigs.”

4th grade for “Most Likely to Succeed!” – Scariest scarecrow.

“Most Likely to Succeed!”

5th grade for “Just Like You, Only Prettier” – Scarecrow with the most attitude.

“Just Like You, Only Prettier”

Congratulations 3rd grade for Best Overall and winning the spirit stick with the Big Bad Wolf!