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Tate’s School Announces Middle School Expansion

May 18, 2015
By Tate's School

Located in West Knoxville, just off Cedar Bluff Road, Tate’s School has been providing Knoxville families with an exceptional education experience for students from preschool through the 5th grade since 1968. To mark the school’s 47th year, Tate’s School formally announced today that they will be expanding into the middle school grades in the fall of 2015.

Tate’s School’s executive management team has adopted a managed growth strategy that will offer two sixth grade classes for the 2015/16 school year and expand one grade each consecutive year until seventh and eighth grades have been added by 2017. Classrooms are being renovated now on a newly dedicated section of the 52 acre campus. The classrooms feature exposed logs and wooden beams consistent with the warm, inviting, non-institutional style unique to Tate’s campus. Small class sizes of 16 students each will allow for personalized instruction that is an integral part of Tate’s School’s culture.

“Parents and alumni have been asking me for many years to offer classes through the 8th grade” said  Lou L. Tate, Director and Founder of Tate’s. “Our hallmark has always been helping students develop a strong sense of moral character in tandem with a rigorous academic curriculum. Our middle school will allow us to further prepare our students to enter high school as role models in the community, confident in themselves, their abilities, and in their service to others.”

Middle school instruction will be based on standards for college preparatory level work and students will be encouraged to enroll in advanced and Pre-AP courses. Tate’s School was the first elementary school in the state of Tennessee to become a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) campus. Tate's School Principal, Kaye Gardner Simmons, and Technology Specialist, Misty Anderson, were accepted earlier this year into the Tennessee STEM Innovation Network Innovative Leaders Institute. "We will have a STEAM curriculum that is on the cutting edge, preparing students not only for high school, but for much sought after careers in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, " said Simmons. Spanish and Latin instruction along with classes in theater, music, and visual arts will also be offered.

“The adolescent years are often the most challenging time for young people” says Jonathan Hodge, program director and behavioral specialist at Tate’s. “But these years can also be an affirmative time for self-discovery and increased self-confidence when the right conditions are present. We want our students to spend time outside, to see what it takes to deal with tough situations, and to learn how to agree, disagree, and problem solve using their emotional abilities.” Tate’s enthusiastic team of teachers, advisors and mentors will also offer guidance in areas such as social development, emotional growth, organizational skills, study skills, community leadership, and time management.

Choosing Tate's middle school was an easy decision,” said Jack Murphy, an executive with Techmer PM, a polymer additives manufacturer. “Tate's is an excellent academic school and the middle school will be more of what I know and trust." Admissions is currently accepting middle school applications and open houses are scheduled for June 9, 11, 16 and 18.

Later this year, students across Tate’s campus will be able to appreciate the new Athletic and Dining Hall scheduled to open in January 2016. Beautifully designed in the style of a Kentucky horse stable, this new facility will offer an exciting opportunity to expand sports training, creative arts programs and includes a dining area where homemade, nutritionally-sound meals will be prepared daily.