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Summer Learning Series: Meghan Diddle

July 02, 2015
By Tate's School

Meghan Diddle - Third Grade Reading Teacher

Summer is a great time to foster the love of reading. Children learn by watching others, so be sure to let your children "catch" you enjoying books this summer! Explore your library and take advantage of summer book clubs and reading challenges. If your child has struggled to find something to read this summer, take the time to sift through piles of books at McKays or other local bookstores with them. Encourage your child to read what THEY like to read this summer. This will build a strong foundation and love of reading. Finding fun ways to carve out reading time is also a great way to make reading fun! Build a cool indoor tent with sheets and pillows to beat the heat or create a shady oasis in the back yard with soft blankets and cool treats!

Most people travel a few times during the summer and this is a great opportunity to work on map skills. Before taking your trip, sit down with your child and look at an atlas. You all can work together to find the best route to your destination! Don't forget about all of the great learning opportunities right here in East Tennessee! The East Tennessee History Center would be a great place to visit for a fun "family field trip"!