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Local Blogger Opines Piece Regarding New Middle School

July 07, 2015
By Tate's School

Local blogger, Carlene Vick of The Blossoming Bump, published a post today about the Tate's School Middle School expansion! Below is an excerpt from her post:

"A while back I paid a little bloggy homage to an awesome local learning facility, right here in good ol’ K-Town.

That place was Tate’s School, Knoxville TN and the experience I had touring this preschool and elementary school was just remarkable.

I raved in my review about not just the facility itself (both beautiful and embedded firmly in nature and a simple, exercise oriented design – the kids stroll, play and move throughout their day, just like kids should!), the politeness of the young students I was fortunate enough to encounter while there (blew me away!), or their fantastic, activity driven views on important community issues like nutrition and multiculturalism, but also about the great Tate family that both founded and run this local gem."

Click here to read the full post on The Blossoming Bump site!