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Alumni Spotlight: John David Cobb

September 01, 2015
By Brenda Seagraves

Have a history question?  John David Cobb could probably answer it with 100% accuracy. 

Over the 2015 Memorial Day weekend, John David participated in the National History Bee Finals competition in Louisville, Kentucky.  The 2015 National History Bee was the largest academic competition EVER in the history of the world with over 3500 participants.  While there, John David tied for fourth in the Middle School Division National Championship in the History of Science.  He WON the Middle School National Championship in Ancient History scoring a perfect 100% on the exam.

John David also qualified through Duke TIP to take the S.A.T in January 2015.  At the age of 13, he scored in the top 10% among high school seniors which got him an invitation to Duke for the Grand Recognition Ceremony.

John David got involved in the National History Bee in fifth grade (2013) when Mrs. Anderson (computer/technology teacher) found /researched the competition and thought some of our Tate’s students might enjoy it.  That year, John David was 41st in the nation; the following year he was 5th in the nation!

Many of you may not know that John David is also moderately to severely deaf, making those speedy Quiz Bowl Competitions quite a challenge.  He has to ask each moderator not to cover their mouth and to speak clearly when speaking.  He has joked that in the competitions he has to ‘think faster than the speed of sound.”

Tate’s School is so very proud of you, John David!

Lou L Tate says:
September 02, 2015 07:53 AM CST

John D , what wonderful accouishments you are achieving . We here at Tate's are certainly not surprised . You are really a very special person to us and we look forward to watching for whatever you decide to do next.