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Alumni Spotlight: Jeff Goodfriend

April 14, 2016
By Brenda Seagraves

Jeff Goodfriend, Tate's Alum, chose Tate's School for his two daughters. Riley has graduated from Tate's and Gabby is currently attending fourth grade.

Jeff is the owner of Alumni Hall Stores which recaptures traditional collegiate spirit in gifts and clothing. There are currently 24 stores (3 in Knoxville) located in 11 states.

When asked about his favorite memories of Tate's, Jeff remembered Duso, the dolphin, which was a hand puppet used to teach life lessons to kindergarten and first grade students. He said, "I even remember the song...Hey, Duso. Come on out..."
(What a memory!)

Jeff said, "I vividly remember how nervous I was when Necole Seagraves Sykes and I did our rendition of 'Saturday Night Fever' in the Tate's School Musical!"

Jeff has many fond memories of his Tate's teachers (especially Mrs. Donna Law -1st grade) who "helped shape my life."

Jeff is pictured with Gabby (4th grade)