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Tate’s Students Excel at Tate’s Regional Elementary Science Fair

June 13, 2016
By Tate's School

As the first elementary school in the state of Tennessee to become a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) campus, Tate’s School has long believed in fostering science in the community. On Monday, April 11, 2016 elementary school students from schools in the Knoxville area gathered for the 16th Annual Tate’s Regional Science Fair. Tate’s Foundation and TN Bank hosted the 16th Regional Elementary Science Fair. Judges from Science, Technology, and Engineering professions judged entries from 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students throughout the day to determine the winners. Students submitted their projects in one of three categories (Earth, Life or Physical Science) and completed an in-depth interview with a panel of judges. “Tate’s Science Fair can show even the youngest students that science can be fun. As a judge I most enjoy meeting these students, because they are excited about their experiments and have, so clearly, put forth their best effort, “said Mary Halley, a Tate’s School parent, judge and water resources engineer with Amec Foster Wheeler.

Numerous Tate’s students took home awards and top honors. Tate’s fourth grade student, June Jung, won first place in the fourth grade Physical Science category and also took overall 1st Place Grand Prize winner with her project “Fantastic Plastic From Milk”! Tate’s fifth grade student, Alex Choi, also took top honors winning first place in the fifth grade Physical Science category and also winning 2nd Place Grand Prize! In Earth Science Jack Ryan won first place for “A Force To Be Reckoned With”. Second place honors went to Kolbe Pick for “Pineapple Project” and third place went to Pete Clark for “Dirty Business”. Stephen Chase received an Honorable Mention for “Boaring Bots”. Tate’s third grade students made a strong showing in Life and Physical Science. Taking second place was Christian Reynolds for “Gotta Grow Fast” followed by Grace Page winning third place for “Ant ISweet”. In third grade Physical Science, Miles Iverson took first place with his project “Keep Your Cool”. Jackson White’s “May the Force Be With You” was awarded second place and Samuel Sluder won third place for “Tractor Factor”. It was a fantastic night for Tate’s third grade students! Tate’s 4th grade students also excelled! Following in first place Physical Science winner June Jung’s footsteps, Alisa Apostoaei took second place honors in the Physical Science category with her multi-award winning project, “Satisfying Siege”. Three Tate’s students won in the Life Science category. Arial Lapsa won second place for “Cool Egg Substitutes”, Keylor Piers won third place for “Taste De-Cider”, and James Robert Long won Honorable mention for “Test Your Memory”. In the Earth Science category, Evan Lyke took top honors with her first place project “Sand Secrets” while Charley Edgemon won third place for “Cook’n It Up”. Way to go 4th grade students! Tate’s 5th grade students rounded out the night by taking home honors in both the Earth and Physical Science categories. In Earth Science, Emma Cabbage won Honorable

Mention for “Will Winter Work Wonderfully?” In the Physical Science category Alex Choi was awarded first place for “Leaf Me Some Energy”, Andrew Catchpole won third place for “Sonorous Science” followed by Marlee Jenkins winning Honorable Mention for “The Two Ply Test”. Tate’s School is proud of these students and their hard work!

Other Awards Included:

  • Alisa Apostoaei: Sir Issac Newton Award for Motion
  • Jacob Tyo: Pac- Man Award for Outstanding Video Game Project
  • Bree Melhorn: Charles E. Pellow Award for Outstanding Project Related to Color
  • Cole Chiles and Jonah Uphoff: The Bill Nye Award for Best / Inventive Question
  • Andrew Catchpole: Benjamin Franklin Award for Outstanding Music Project
  • Ashlyn Rohlander: George Lucas Award for Vision
  • Nina Theis: Hedy Lamarr Award for Energy
  • Haley Yager & Ryann Winterbotham: The Sir Francis Bacon Award for Food Science
  • Erin Ryan: Scott Carpenter Award for a project that is “Out of This World”
  • Jackson White: 3rd Grade Mesa Engineering Award for Excellence
  • Emma Cabage: 5th Grade Mesa Engineering Award for Excellence