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Summer Learning Tip: Melissa Carey

June 23, 2016
By Tate's School

Melissa Carey, 5th Grade

Math and science are all around us! A fun and super simple way to keep our student’s math and science skills sharp during the summer months is to challenge them to point out and discuss things in our surroundings which remind them of math or science. We can make it a game by taking turns and asking each other questions. Seeing how we view math and science in the world around us will encourage our students.

This activity can be adjusted to any skill level! Preschoolers might begin by finding simple shapes and discussing their characteristics. (a tire is a circle, it’s round and has no edges or corners) Older students might notice the ice maker works due to unseen engineering and physical changes in the states of matter of water due to temperature. These conversations can lead to lots of fun and an engaging appreciation of math and science.