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Summer Learning Tip: Tara Winterbotham

July 19, 2016
By Tate's School

by Tara Winterbotham

Do you want to keep your preschooler engaged?  Take them outside!

Ijams is always fun for the whole family!  They have wonderful structures for little ones to play in, a climbing center for the older kids, great walking trails, paddle boarding, and ponds streaming with aquatic life.  There are a couple of programs coming up in July called Kids In Nature, designed especially for children ages 3-6.  They will include a story and craft and help kids connect with their outside world.  There is a $7 fee and you need to call to make a reservation for your spot. 

Want to beat the heat?

Trips to your local library are always nice, cool, and a quiet place to spend the afternoon.  After reading some books together, give your child a piece of paper and some crayons and making a drawing together about your favorite part of the story.  Keep a journal of your child's favorite books and keep a record of how many books you read each time you venture out to the library.  

Cooking is fun!

Kids love to cook so plan a special cooking time together.  Find a picture recipe at makinglearningfun.com.  Let your child choose what they want to make.  Shop for the ingredients together, talk about the prices, and the nutritional value of what you are going to make regardless if it is a sweet treat or a veggie dip!