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Alumni Spotlight: Necole Seagraves Sykes

December 01, 2016
By Tate's School

Our parents are the ones who give us our greatest compliments and recommendations. What greater confidence can one show in a school than to send their children to the school that they attended as a youngster? This is what happens at Tate’s School. 

Necole Seagraves Sykes is just one of many alumni whose children have attended Tate’s School. Not only does she have a child presently attending Tate’s School, but Necole works in the library as well. 

“I remember the love I had for reading as a child (and still do), and it is very rewarding for me to have a part in instilling that love of reading in others," she said. "I love the excitement in a child’s eyes when the student discovers a favorite author or series. When that happens, they are ‘hooked’ on reading. Adults can relate to that, as well, because adults have favorite authors too! Our library is a magical place.”

Necole is pictured with Palmer, who is in fifth grade.