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Summer Learning Tip: Trish Irish

July 16, 2017
By Tate's School

by Trish Irish, Pre-K

We are very fortunate to be within an hour and half drive from several great educational fun spots that are sure to make a memorable summer, especially for your preschooler.

Just head south on I-75 toward Athens and Sweetwater, Tennessee to visit . . .

  • Mayfield Dairy Farm in Athens, TN and see how your favorite dairy products are made and take an Ice Cream Factory tour. www.mayfielddairy.com/about-us/take-a-tour
  • Sweetwater Valley Farm in Philadelphia, TN and take a tour of the farm.  Visit The Udder Story and milk a very realistic cow.  Don’t forget to stop by the shop to sample many different kinds of cheeses. www.sweetwatervalley.com
  • The Lost Sea in Craighead Caverns in Sweetwater, TN to see the largest underground lake in the United States from a glass bottom boat.  If you are an adventurous spelunker, you might want to investigate taking a Wild Tour! www.thelostsea.com

You can also head north, east, and west to find similar unique spots that will leave a lasting impression on children of any age!  The teachers and staff at Tate’s look forward to hearing about your many summer adventures!