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Archives - July 2014

Fun and creative ways for students to study Spanish during the summer months

July 15, 2014
By Tate's School

There are still a few weeks left of summer and we wanted to ask Spanish Teacher Cindy Abbatemarco a few questions about how your children can stay up-to-date with their Spanish in fun ways!

1. What can students be doing this summer to practice their Spanish? What creative ideas could you provide parents with?

"Spanish is all around us - in our community and in the places we travel. Be mindful of these opportunities to read, listen, and even to speak the language. In stores and public areas there are signs and product labels in English and Spanish. Try to look for Spanish words that are familiar or even choose unfamiliar words and look up their meaning. Another way to keep previously learned material alive is just to review it orally. Think of the words associated with Colors, Numbers, Basic Greetings, and other vocabulary that has been learned."

2. What can parents do to prepare their children for Spanish again at the beginning of the school year?

"There are many free and paid Applications on Apple and Android devices that offer Spanish language activities for all ages. Fun Spanish, Chungaboo, and  DuoLingo are some that are popular. Bi-lingual Spanish/English books are available in the Public Library. Check some out and look at the Spanish for familiar words."

We hope some of Cindy's recommendations are helpful to you and your children!

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