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Archives - January 2015

Middle School Update

January 20, 2015
By Tate's School

The planning and preparations for the new middle school grades here at Tate’s School are right on track. We are pleased to report that the second of our sixth grade classrooms is nearing completion.

What began as a rudimentary open air covered porch used for summer camp has since become a new and distinctive room. Warm and inviting, the room features stained wooden beams, large picture windows, and beautiful views of our campus. 

Students will feel right at home in this new location that will function as a space for Math, Science, and Art. All in all, we are pleased to offer this unique addition to our indoor learning space.

Alumni Spotlight: Elizabeth and Nicole Gonzalez

January 14, 2015
By Brenda Seagraves

Two very special sisters are spotlighted in our Alumni Corner: Elizabeth and Nicole Gonzalez. Tate's congratulates these young ladies on their contributions and achievements.

Elizabeth will be graduating from Vanderbilt University in May 2015 with a major in History, and a double major in Studio Art and Corporate Strategy. Her plans include law school and becoming an elder lawyer. Elizabeth teaches clarinet lessons to underprivileged students in Nashville at the W.O. Smith Music School and also teaches kindergarten religious education at the Cathedral of the Incarnation. She enjoys participating in the Vanderbilt Community Concert Band and Sigma Phi Lambda Sorority. Elizabeth says, "Some of my favorite memories from Tate's took place in both music and art classes. I always remember being extremely excited to attend those classes. I believe my young exposure to fine arts has led me to continue to be involved in the arts community today."

Nicole is a freshman at TN Tech. Based on scholarship, she was selected to be a part of an Engineering Career Awareness Program (ECAP) this year.

Nicole has always been extremely involved with KARM in Knoxville. She says, "My parents always made it a priority to show my sister and me all types of people throughout our lives. Living in downtown Knoxville and making a difference in their community is my parents' mission. My parents would always take us to KARM fundraisers and talk about how KARM helps Knoxville's homeless every time we passed it. I feel like KARM has had a big part in my life and has definitely helped shape me into who I am today."  For the past years, Nicole has been an active participant in raising money for KARM -raising over $1,000 each year for the past two years.

Nicole says, "I'm really thankful for the foundation Tate's gave me. Just recently with all of my tests my Mom said, "Remember what you learned at Tate's: just do your personal best." Tate's gave me a great foundation to work hard, respect authority, balance fun and play, make friends from various ethnic backgrounds, and broaden my horizons. I really enjoyed the Christmas around the World program, Fall Festivals, music class, Spanish class and the gorgeous campus and freedom that it provided."

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