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Archives - June 2015

Summer Learning Series: April Kringen

June 24, 2015
By Tate's School

April Kringen - First Grade Reading Teacher

During your child’s school vacation, it is important for him to spend time reading and writing on a regular basis–whether he/she is a very beginning reader or a fluent reader. Try some of these suggestions for making your child’s summer full of literacy fun. 

  • Set aside a consistent time each day for reading. Depending on your family’s schedule, reading time might be in the morning, afternoon or before bed. Whatever time you choose, stick to it, but also remember that flexibility around trips and special family events is OK.
  • Read aloud to your reader. As school-aged children become better readers, parents often stop reading aloud to them. However, by reading more difficult books aloud to your reader, you help him/her learn new vocabulary words, concepts, and ways of telling stories or presenting information. You also enjoy the closeness of sharing a book with your child.
  • Help your child select books at a comfortable level. Listen to your child read. If he/she reads smoothly, uses expression and can accurately tell you what the story was about, the book is probably at a comfortable level. If you are having troubling judging, consult your local children’s librarian, who is likely to be an expert at matching books to readers. In addition, teach your child to use the “rule of thumb” in selecting books: if five or more errors are made in reading a page of about 50 words, the book is too challenging. 
  • Encourage your child to write this summer, too. From writing postcards to friends and relatives to keeping a journal while on a trip, summer presents unique ways for your child to write about his own experiences. Have your child pack a disposable camera on vacations or day trips and help him create a book about his experiences. 

Tate’s School announces Aeroponic Technology in New Middle School

June 15, 2015
By Tate's School

Knoxville, TN – Located in West Knoxville, just off Cedar Bluff Road, Tate’s School announced last month that they will be expanding into the middle school grades in the fall of 2015.  In honor of National Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Month, Tate’s School announced today they will be the first Middle School in East Tennessee to introduce 6th grade students to the science behind aeroponics, the process of growing plants in an air mist environment without the use of soil.

Using a vertical growing system called the Tower Garden®, developed by Tim Blank (formerly with Walt Disney World) and distributed by Juice Plus+, coupled with a rigorous curriculum unveiled last week by the Buck Institute, a national leader in Project Based Learning, students will be challenged to apply Next Generation Science Standards to a real world issue – the shortage of resources for growing food. In the Tower Garden Challenge, students will design and conduct a scientific experiment to test claims made by NASA and the University of Mississippi that aeroponic growing methods can produce more food, faster and with less land and water than traditional soil based growing methods. Students will test these claims by comparing the two growing methods using scientific methods of inquiry and data collection. They will take specific and accurate measurements, manage variables, make detailed observations, maintain a lab journal, visually represent their findings, draw conclusions, and consider aeroponic gardening’s future implications and real-world applications.

“We want our students to understand the global challenges facing nations with growing populations,” said Kaye Gardner Simmons, Principal at Tate’s School. “This technology will be highlighted as a part of our STEAM curriculum. Students will present their findings to a panel of community experts in the culinary, agricultural and environmental fields.”

Aeroponic gardening is becoming more popular as agricultural land uses must compete with developers for limited open space. The Tower Garden technology is being showcased in venues across the United States such as Chicago O’Hare’s Urban Garden and the University of Florida Research & Education Center. Restaurants like the Bell, Book & Candle in New York City have installed 60 Tower Gardens on their urban rooftop to supply fresh vegetables and herbs on a daily basis.

Paula Tate-Gunter, Tate’s Wellness Director, said, “Embracing eating fruits and vegetables and teaching children how to choose healthy foods, is a very important part of Tate’s School. This technology works hand-in-hand with our student teaching garden and apple orchard activities on campus. Students love to sample what we grow and this is a new way to experience foods.” 

Farragut Press Middle School Coverage

June 15, 2015
By Tate's School

The Farragut Press reported on our Middle School expansion on Thursday, June 11, 2015. Below is an excerpt from the article:

"To mark the school’s 47th year, Tate’s School formally announced Thursday, May 14, that it will be expanding into the middle school grades in the fall of 2015. Tate’s School’s executive management team has adopted a managed growth strategy that will offer two sixth-grade classes for the 2015/16 school year and expand one grade each consecutive year until seventh and eighth grades have been added by 2017. Classr-ooms are being renovated now on a newly dedicated section of the 52-acre campus. The classrooms feature exposed logs and wooden beams. Small class sizes of 16 students each will allow for personalized instruction. 

“Parents and alumni have been asking me for many years to offer classes through the eighth grade” Lou L. Tate, director and founder of Tate’s, said. “Our hallmark has always been helping students develop a strong sense of moral character in tandem with a rigorous academic curriculum. Our middle school will allow us to further prepare our students to enter high school as role models in the community, confident in themselves, their abilities, and in their service to others.”

Click here to read the full article.

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