Our Mission

Students hard at work.

To nurture and work with pre-school through eighth grade children to promote academic excellence, assist in their intellectual development, and mentor them in their moral evolution to the point that they are capable of becoming successful, productive, accountable young men and women of sound character and reputation.

Our Focus

It is not enough to simply provide students with rudimentary skills and pass them on to another grade level. While a solid base is crucial to future success, children must be positively challenged and taught how to surpass basic standards of accomplishment. As a result, all of our resources – instructional, personnel, campus, etc. are dedicated to bringing out the full potential of our student population to help them perform with a much higher degree of academic proficiency.

As part of our mission, we are also dedicated to assisting our students with their character development. Ethical behavior such as telling the truth, assuming personal responsibility, respect for authority, respect for fellow students, self discipline, punctuality, and other life skills are regularly taught. Consequently, discipline issues are extremely rare, as are negative influences.

Our Commitment

At Tate's School, we are committed to providing your child with a safe, nurturing environment that will:

  • Challenge your child intellectually
  • Inspire your child creatively
  • Educate your child culturally
  • Enrich your child emotionally
  • Provide an advanced academic program

Our Passion

  • First, we strive to create a strongly affirmative environment where students feel safe and supported as we embolden them to challenge themselves and take educational risks within our accelerated curriculum.
  • Second, we work together to make our curriculum effective and sequential, aiming always to make learning as meaningful for each young person as we possibly can.
  • Third, we select talented, enthusiastic teachers and provide them with the support and training that they need to develop professionally.
  • Finally, we embrace our students with a sense of belonging, stimulating lessons, body-brain compatible activities, and continuous opportunities to expand their knowledge about themselves and an understanding of their world.